Med styrken og råskapen fra generasjoner

Agricultural machinery. Manure Tankers - Tillage - Grass equipment - Snow blowers / Sand /salt spreaders - Trailers.
Barn infrastructure: Barn equipment, Manure cleaning systems, Manure slatted floors, and Manure pit doors. Manure spreaders - Manure pumps and mixers.
Products for industry. Pumps, mixers and Pump stations etc. We have various items in stock.
Sewage Pumps, Water Tank Trailers and pumps. Snow blowers / Sand/salt-spreaders Large selection of buckets and rippers for excavators.

New industrial adventure in Nærbø

Four BRI companies form the basis for a new industrial adventure on Nærbø, under the name Herde Industrier AS. The new company consists of Landbruk & Maskin AS, Reime & Co AS, Globus AS and Underhaug AS. The four companies will be merged and co-located in Nærbø under a new name.

Relying upon Norwegian agriculture

Herde Industrier has unshakable belief in Norwegian agriculture, and believes that the production of smaller series and lighter implements will be more important than ever in the future. The amalgamation and establishment of Herde Industrier will ensure better production optimization. We will develop the company to become larger and better equipped for sales both at home and abroad.
Herde Industrier – Underhaug
Produced in sizes from 28 liters to 500 liters. Width from 360 mm to 800 mm. Can be delivered for most types of Quick Couplers or directly attached to the machine. Teeth or blade as desired.
Herde Industrier – Underhaug
New Norwegian-produced grass seed drills ready for delivery from our factory in Nærbø. Be ready for when spring arrives next year. Underhaug has grass drills ready for immediate delivery. Consult your dealer.